Laptop Tables and LapDesks Offer Comfort and Convenience

laptop tableAll around the world, laptops are fast replacing the traditional desktop computer. The convenience of portability and the ability to access files, games, movies and the Internet from just about anywhere has made the laptop a must have in most every home, office, dorm room, classroom, boardroom, coffee shop and boardroom.

Of course, experienced laptop users are well aware that with all that portable convenience comes one draw back, when a laptop actually sits in a lap, it gets hot. Real hot. As a matter of fact, it can get so hot that it can become overheated, not to mention overheat the person who’s lap it happens to be sitting in. Along with the heat, comes a hunched over, bent forward position that can become quite uncomfortable — especially after a few hours of surfing the net, studying or socializing.

To keep the heat off and the neck and back pain to a minimum, some clever manufacturers introduced the one accessory no laptop lover can live without — the laptop table. And while it’s true that the laptop table or laptop stand does come in a variety of sizes and shapes, one thing remains common amongst them all — we can’t live without them!

For the ultimate in convenience and portability, Logitech, a leader in the electronics industry, has given us the Logitech Portable LapDesk. It’s the thinnest most transportable lapdesk. In fact it’s so slim that it can actually be slipped into a laptop sleeve or carry bag so it can go anywhere we (and our laptops) go!

Logitech keeps the lightweight and convenient design trend going with the Logitech Comfort LapDesk. It’s ingenious curves and 2 pound weigh in make it a comfortable laptop desk that fits perfectly in a lap and holds even larger, 17 inch laptops without a problem. Logitech created this product with comfort in mind and it’s natural slant will keep your head and neck in a natural position rather than that painful tilt forward.

handstands laptop deskSpeaking of comfort, the beads, much like those in your favorite childhood bean bag, that make up the underside of the HandStands Laptop LapDesk fit in your lap like a soft pillow. The heat resistant top is the perfect place to rest your laptop while keeping the heat off your thighs. It features a convenient carrying handle for easy portability and since it only weighs 3 pounds, it can be easily moved from room to room.

When it comes to lap desks, for the ultimate in comfort, be sure to check out the Belkin CushTop LapDesk. Superior soft padding, ergonomic tilting and a handy storage pocket make this laptop desk an ingenious addition to your laptop computer accessory arsenal.

When you’re ready to get your laptop off your lap and on an actual stand, why not try the Laptop Bedtime Computer Folding Table. This laptop tray is a multitasked. Not only is it perfect for both your laptop and an external mouse, but it’s also just right for breakfast in bed! Lay back, prop up your pillows, pull the slim folded tray from beside your nightstand and quickly pop it open. You’re done! Rest your laptop on it’s heat resistant surface and surf the night away from the comfort of your own bed!

The MyPlace Laptop Table Notebook Workstation is a versatile bed tray style lapdesk that features a bendable LED wand light. Excellent feature for those of us with an unlit keyboard. The workstation also has fully collapsible legs and a sturdy construction. It’s easy to store, easy to use and makes using your laptop a whole lot more comfortable and convenient.

split top laptop tableFor the convenience of wheels and height adjustment along with the sturdy, strong surface of desk, all rolled into one super space saving, super comfortable laptop table, be sure to take a look at the Mayline Eastwind collection which features the Split-Top Laptop Caddy. This split top laptop table allows users to keep their laptops at a convenient, comfortable tilt while still being able to keep their mouse, coffee or midnight snack safe and secure on a steady flat surface.

Another split top design is the Adjustable Rollin Split Top Laptop Caddy. Priced for small budgets, this laptop table is height adjustable and can be used while relaxing in bed, kicking back on the sofa or resting on your favorite recliner. One half of the surface tilts for ergonomic comfort while the other stays steady for textbooks, espresso or a glass of wine.

When it comes to split top design, take a peek at Techni Mobili’s Graphite Laptop Table. This rolling laptop table allows users to check email, write a prize winning novel, discount shop or simply update their social status from the comfort of their patio lounge chair, sofa, bed or overstuffed chair. It offers sturdy rugged construction and an easy glide rolling motion over carpets, tile or wood floors.

The iBRIGHT Magic Desk Laptop Table is like no other laptop stand on the market. It’s cool, industrial, slim design is perfect for the IKEA lifestyle or for any décor that features eclectic, modern or contemporary furnishings. It’s so flexible and adjustable that you’ll be able to use it anywhere. It’s a smart, slim, lightweight, portable design that will withstand daily use and look great while doing it!

Want to look so cool while keeping your laptop and your lap cool? Then you need the Vibrant Split Top Adjustable Laptop Computer Stand features neon colors with white metal and gray accents. Stylish, sturdy, convenient, comfortable and portable. What more can you ask for?

walnut windsor laptop tableIf you’re looking for traditional elegance in a laptop table then the Walnut Windsor Laptop Stand may be just the ticket. This sturdy, well built laptop desk features a split top with side rails to keep your laptop where it belongs. The stationary side holds books, drinks, snacks or an external mouse. The quality construction and easy glide wheels will hold up to hours of use on a daily basis and this laptop table will look great for years to come.

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