Walnut Windsor Laptop Stand

Walnut Windsor Laptop Stand

The Windsor Laptop Table has a stylish, sleek design that’s ideal for most any decor. It’s sturdy construction means stability and durability that will hold up to daily use and daily movement from one room to the next. Speaking of mobility, this laptop table is easily transported with a simple pull or push as it’s wheels smoothly glide over carpet and bare floors without any of that jerky, wobbly action most laptop tables usually deliver.

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The Windsor Laptop Desk was created with comfort and convenience in mind. It features a split top tilting design that allows individuals to have books, drinks or other objects on a flat, stable surface while keeping their laptops and notebooks at a comfortable, easy to use slant. That’s the kind of genius designing that busy, multitasking, college students demand and that socializing, designing or just plain old web surfing individuals prefer to make laptops and notebooks more user-friendly and convenient than ever before.

The Windsor walnut finish laptop table is a deep dark cherry wood color that will add elegance and beauty to a room while taking up very little space doing it. It’s fully adjustable and it’s height can be expanded to accomodate just about any piece of furniture from a pillow top bed to a big, comfy lounge chair. And when it’s not in use, the Windsor Laptop Stand can be folded into a slender, compact position for easy, out of the way storage in a closet or on the side of a dresser, table or nightstand.

Not only did they create the Windsor Laptop Stand to look terrific, they also built it tough enough to withstand daily use and strong enough to easily hold a laptop along with large textbooks, full binders and the occasional napping cat!

When it comes to measurements, the Windsor Laptop Desk stretches tall; up to 40 inches to be exact. It weighs about 20 pounds which is heavy for a laptop table but not so heavy to move since it sits snugly atop quality wheels and strong legs.

The Windsor Laptop Table in Regency Walnut isn’t the average Joe but instead, it’s more like a well built, portable, streamlined desk that’s perfect for dorm rooms, home offices, bedrooms, living rooms and even back patios (as long as it’s kept out of the elements.) Simply and effortlessly wheel it wherever the mood strikes. It’s priced right for a quality laptop table and the cheaper models can’t compare to it’s good looks nor it’s rugged construction.

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